Are you ready to improve your communication with your horse? Would you like to take your relationship up a notch and learn how to motivate your horse to WANT to work with you?

Perhaps you are looking for ideas for enhancing your time together.

I’m passionate about bringing horses and people together and helping horses find themselves through movement.  Not just any movement.  I’m looking for movement that builds up a horse’s body, balance and self confidence.

I want to help you inspire your horse to feel AMAZING when you are around.  You bring the joy.  You bring the relaxation.  You bring the soundness.  YOU can do that for your horse.

Training Intensives

There's nothing like dedication to propel you on your learning journey! Spend two, three or  four days committed to yourself and your horse!

Take two lessons each day and observe my trainings with my horses or horses who are staying here in training.

Accommodations are available on site in my guest rooms or you are welcome to camp on my property. You can also stay off site.  

A pen is available for your horse and you provide feed and care.

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An intensive is best done in pairs.  It's important to come with a study buddy so you have a partner to observe in lessons and have fun with.  I can also set you up with a partner if you prefer.  

Intensives are $125/day + $50/night accommodation