Welcome!  I’m Heather Nelson

I want to help you become the person that your horse falls in love with.  I would like to connect the two of you so that you are both happier together than apart.  My dream for you is that your horse will leave her horsey friends and food to spend time with you.

I want your time with your horse to heal, relax, and rejuvenate you.

I want your horse to find that time with you is fun, relaxing and inspiring.

I’ve helped ease the tensions between many horses and people.  I’ve helped people and horses to understand each other.  I’ve encouraged people to have more fun while they are with their horses and to release the judgement and frustration that is often prevalent in today’s horse industry.


Heather schooling Extra dressage

My background is in dressage, hunter/jumper, hack, ground training and trail riding.  I’ve taught children to jump courses on their ponies and adults to hit the trails.  I’ve started young and older horses under saddle for a variety of disciplines.  I’ve also re-habilitated and re-trained horses that were known as difficult and helped my students to do the same.

However, my favorite moments involve helping people and horses communicate with each other.  I love watching people and horses come together with love and understanding.about cropped resized2

Heather with her three girls. From left to right, Extra, Whimsy and Maplestreet

You can have a relationship that you love with your horse!

You can inspire your horse to move with greater expression and balance so you bring out his best qualities.  You can understand your horse better and find out what motivates him.  I can help show you which qualities you posses that you can enhance to draw your horse to you like a magnet.

I know you can learn this because I started out not understanding horses at all.

When my first horse, Maplestreet, was gifted to me I dreamt of her galloping to me when I called.  I believed she would be my best friend.

I was twelve years old with six months of school horse lessons under my belt. I was optimistic and knew very little about horses. I was blessed with good balance. I loved learning and was passionately disciplined towards riding so I was fortunate to have a good basic riding position.

Those details possibly saved me from injury, or possibly rescued me from abandoning equestrian pursuits once reality set in. The reality was that my new horse was a high strung four year old Thoroughbred straight off the track. She had very little training that would make her a safe riding horse. She was fortunate to grow up in a band of mares and young horses in vast fields in the Albertan prairies. Her experience of humans was limited to her racing career.


Heather jumping Maplestreet

She was not in a hurry to fall in love with me.

This broke my heart. However, I rebounded and resolutely decided that if she wasn’t an affectionate horse that was fine. I could live with my emotionally distant partner in more of a professional capacity.

It never occurred to me that I had to change to earn her friendship.

I trained her in the traditional way. We did well and won many ribbons in dressage, eventing,    hunter/jumper and hack.

My family moved to the interior of B.C. and I had the wonderful opportunity of keeping our family’s horses on our property. There were miles of trails nearby so we spent many hours enjoying the countryside and riding over varied terrain.

My mother purchased a little Appaloosa named Nommy.  Nommy challenged my training style.  She often refused to be caught and was nervous of nearly everything.  I expanded into learning different ground training techniques from a variety of trainers.  I also started teaching for the Canadian Pony Club and realized how much I enjoyed helping people.

When I moved to the island I started teaching and training in earnest.  My work with numerous horses gave me a broad range of experience.  I started horses for western and English using a combination of gentle methods.  I also started working with energy and interspecies communication.

Even though my methods were kind by accepted standards I often felt like something was missing.  I was teaching horses processes that they were not signing up for.  The more I was in alignment with the horses that I trained, the less I felt in alignment with what I was paid to do by their well meaning owners.

I discovered liberty training and am currently exploring this exciting style of interacting with horses.  Liberty is based on giving the horse’s choice and forming a friendship.  It’s also about creating relationship boundaries and feeling safe.  I still use my knowledge of other disciplines, such as dressage to improve on a horse’s responsiveness and balance.  However, the liberty allows me to feel confident that my horse is choosing our time together.

Interacting with horses at liberty challenges me to be present, creative and let go of my agenda.

My intention is to help you learn how to be the friend that you wish to have in your horse so your relationship can flourish in safety and joy.