Take the physical lines off of your horse so that you can open up the lines of communication.

Without the physical lines on your horse you need to step up and become the person that your horse wants to be with.

No more relying on ropes to tie your horse to you. It’s time to build a bond. James Bond. (Oh I got carried away there…)

This bond is stronger than a rope and more effective. You develop the qualities in yourself that inspire a horse to recognize you as a leader and companion. The horse will learn to respect you, to see you as a friend and teacher worth listening to.

Horses and humans can have fun together and it all starts with giving horses choice. You can start relating to your horse from the heart and asking him what he wants to do. Then open yourself to receive the message.


At liberty you can improve your horse’s suppleness, strength and balance. Your horse truly will be in self carriage and you will know your horse is willing to perform the exercises because she has the option to leave at any time.


You can develop a friendship and play together in safety and harmony. Do you wish your horse wanted to share activities with you? With liberty you can build that bond together.


At liberty you can’t rely on your tack to give direction to your horse. You use a combination of your body language, breath, energy, and intuition to communicate with your horse.

How Do You Get Started?

Attend a Workshop

Join other like minded people in a fun weekend with or without your horse Click for Workshops

Take A Lesson

I will travel within the Cowichan Valley to teach lessons with your own horse. You can also trailer your horse to my farm.

Learn From Home

Read the blog. Watch the videos. Join the Facebook Group - Liberty Horse Lovers.

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