Needle Felting

lifelike wool sculptures




You can learn how to make a horse just like Maya, using colours of your choice.

Learn step by step how to needle felt a little horse of your own approximately 7" tall.  Use a wire armature to give your horse stability and the option to pose.

Materials are not included in the cost of the course. You will be emailed a list of tools and materials upon request or registration, as well as given access to a video which will show you the materials and tools in detail. The tools and materials can be found reasonably and I give you tips on how to source them.

The module videos will be uploaded each week in the Facebook group. I will support you and answer questions for the first four weeks of the course.  You are welcome and encouraged to upload photos or videos of your progress in the group.

Online Workshop!

Create your own needle felted horse

Begins January 27, 2019
Videos will stay up all year.  Go at your own pace!


What will you learn in the course?


Module 1

The “bones” and foundation

  • Tools and materials
  • Creating a wire armature
  • Wrapping techniques for creating a basic body & legs
  • Finalizing body shape & adding colour

Module 2

The head and face

  • Forming a head
  • Shaping a face
  • Inserting glass eyes
  • Facial colours, details and markings

Module 3

Legs and Wax Hooves

  • Finish legs and markings
  • Form the hoof core
  • Melting wax and dipping technique
  • Shaping hooves
  • Finishing details
  • Mane and Tail

Needle felting Workshops in Person

Jan 25/26 at 1830 Gillis Rd in Cowichan Bay, B.C. $160 to register including basic supplies. Register by e-mail

My needle felting Story

I was injured and confined to the couch. My mom had some needle felting supplies and I decided to give it a try. I started horses right away and loved it!
I'm available to felt replicas of your beloved animals.

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