Training Tips

[youtube][/youtube] Develop Your Balance on Horseback
This film is done in a 1950’s theme for fun. Develop your balance and independent seat through ridden exercises. Start out at the halt and work up to the lunge line on a quiet horse.
[youtube][/youtube] Christmas Session
I share my liberty session with my 10 year old mare Extra from Christmas day 2013. We use barrels for suppling, demonstrate the shoulder-in at liberty and play lots of ‘leave and come back.’
[youtube][/youtube] Stop your horse Grazing on Command
Learn how to teach your horse to raise his head on cue and quit snatching grass.
[youtube][/youtube] Train a Pushy Horse at Liberty
In her first week with Indy Maddie shares her lesson, demonstrating how she deals with her pushy new gelding.
[youtube][/youtube] Straighten, Strengthen and Supple Your Horse in hand
Nicole demonstrates in-hand ground exercises which develop your horse’s balance, flexibility, strength and responsiveness.
[youtube][/youtube] Keep Your Horse’s Interest at Liberty
Carla shows how Hank keeps his head in the game and loves to interact with her even when her ring isn’t fenced.
[youtube][/youtube] Sharing Pasture Time
The quickest and easiest thing you can do today to build a bond with your horse is to spend time doing a passive activity.
[youtube][/youtube] Move Your Horse to Establish Leadership
Teach your horse to move away on cue. The stronger horse in the pecking order can always move the horse below it on the leadership chain. When your horse gives way to you consistently, he shows you his respect. This skill will help you to feel safer in the relationship and also gives you a method for motivating your horse to go when you ask, which comes in handy for lunging and riding too.
[youtube][/youtube] Teach Your Horse to Respect Your Space and Halt at a Distance
Develop respect in your relationship and teach your horse to stop on cue at a distance away from you. Use your energy and body language to protect your body bubble. You can do this exercise at liberty or on a line.
[youtube][/youtube] How To Catch A Horse While Preserving the Bond
In this video I demonstrate how to attract your horse to you and properly halter. With the haltering method shown you allow your horse to choose to come with you.