Training Tips

You will find a variety of videos on this page.  Some of the videos are examples of my work at liberty and on line or riding.  Others are my students in lessons and still others are “how to” videos. There are more videos on my Youtube Channel. For the videos below you can find out more about the description by clicking on the plus sign to the left of the title.

Todd MacSween Photography filmed and edited the above movie. We had to accustom the horses to drones filming them. This video is an introduction to my philosophy.
This is a video of three horses that I either had in for training or that I supervised the training of in ground work on the line.  We improved their balance and strength on the ground without the use of side reins or martingales.  This is their case studies.
This is one of my students in a liberty workshop in 2017.  She has a Quarter Horse Mare that was showing up as lazy, but really just had trouble getting up off the forehand so that she could find her ability to move forward with energy.
Evy is a three year old that Saskia just bought. They are starting their journey out together at liberty to get to know each other and establish their relationship.
My brother filmed a typical session that I had at liberty with my mare Extra.
This video is done in a 1950’s educational film style for fun and shows exercises to improve your balance and independent seat on horseback.
This video explains how to use your body language and energy to teach your horse to respect your space and halt at a distance.  You can use this method at liberty or on a line.
One of my students is teaching her horse, Thunder, how to circle at liberty.
Teach your horse to give you space and move away from you at liberty.  It’s just as important to be able to move your horse away from you as it is to have your horse come with you.