Free video training!

Step by step video to 
teach your horse to roll a ball.

Watch me teach my pony, Sailor, to
roll a ball from scratch.

What is my training process?

It begins with the relationship.


Ask Nothing. Sit. Wander. Read. Journal.

Be Friends.

Start a dialogue.

Pay attention to what your horse likes to do.

Ask for easy tasks.

Let go of the outcome.

There is no right or wrong.


It doesn't matter if your horse accomplishes exactly what you ask for.

The important thing is that you have an exchange.

It must be a safe communication.

Ask for specific activities that your horse can say yes to.


Reward. Pause.

Complexity grows.


Your horse will try harder and be willing to go to work.


Motivate. Inspire. Remember to Play!

. . .

Once my horse chooses to work with me...

I can add tack for refinement if I wish

The majority of the horse's education happens with my feet on the ground.



Lunging allows my horse to move out as I practice shaping.  I can see that my horse still listens to my aids from further away.  It is not about running around in circles.



In groundwork we stay in front of the horse and have the most influence.  It's easiest to influence the spine and help the horse find straightness through the body.



Long reining allows me to work closer to the hindquarters and encourage independence in my horse.

I will take whatever time the horse needs to educate a riding horse that is safe, balanced and wants to learn.


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