3 Keys for Attracting Your Horse Like a Magnet

Horses are attracted to beings that give them a sense of safety and help them to feel like better versions of themselves.  You can draw your horse to you without using any tools or magic.

1. Be Present

Show up completely when you are with your horse.  When your brain is running at mach 2 with thoughts about the project, the dinner or the cute guy, you are not present to your horse.  If you are hammering on yourself about how you are not Nuno Oliviera or Ian Miller or Stacy Westfall and you’ll never get this right then you are not being you.  Your horse wants YOU.  Your horse is very sensitive to energy and he’s reading you as a big stress ball. Return to Earth!

Close your eyes.  Put your hand over your heart.  Feel the temperature of your feet.  Take a few breaths.  Think or say to your heart.  “I am safe.  I am enough.  This is my time and my horse’s time.  We share this together.  The world will go on and I will return to it, but for now I am here.”

2. Release Your Agenda

You arrive at the barn with a full lesson plan for your horse.  He didn’t read the plan and he’s not cooperating with any of it.  He’s fascinated by the construction going on next door and he wants to be Bob the Builder.  You can hear the lesson plan tearing up in your brain and falling to the earth like confetti.

It’s a good idea to have some ideas you might like to try with your horse.  That sentence was vague and fluffy.  That’s how you want your plans to be with your horse.  Go with the flow.  Trust yourself and your horse.  You will do something.  It might not be epic, but it will be perfect for your horse in that moment.

Wolves will not drag you away if you do not accomplish a specific task.  The communication you experience with your horse is the important thing.  During the exercise did you and your horse stay relaxed? Did you have fun?  Did your horse gain confidence  and try to figure out what you wanted?  These things will bring you closer to an awesome partnership and your horse will want to learn more with you.

3.  Pay Attention

To your horse and to yourself.  Is your horse leaning away from you or are his muscles tensing up?  Then you need to back off or go do something else.  Pursuing your horse in this moment is only going to push him further away.  Or is he in seeking mode with his ears perked and he’s leaning towards you or an obstacle you would like him to cross or touch?  Now is the time to ask for another step.

What is your energetic state?  Is your stomach tight or are you feeling calm?  Your horse is aware of everything around him, including you.  If you aren’t aware of how you feel, you could be giving your horse the heebie jeebies by accident.  He wants to connect with someone even calmer and energetically stronger than himself.  Pay attention to your inner state so you can be that leader.

These three keys require you to gain better self awareness when you are with your horse.  They are easier said than done in today’s busy world.  But if you can adjust yourself to your horse’s pace you will draw your horse to you and he will gain interest in you and the light that you bring to him.

What have you noticed about your own energy when you are with your horse?  How does your horse respond when you are in different energetic states?  Leave a comment!

Enjoy your horse time.





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  1. I find if you aren’t present you can miss the subtle “tries” the horses give and need you to notice in order to know what they are doing is right… if you miss them, it can lead to confusion and frustration in both horse and human

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