I'm always growing with my horses and I want to help you do the same!

My Vision

A circle of inspiration! I inspire you. You inspire your horse. Your horse inspires you. You inspire me. I want to help you become the person that your horse falls in love with.


I started out as a horse crazy eleven year old.  My first horse was, Maplestreet, a four year old Thoroughbred directly off the track.  She was a challenging horse to ride and an even greater challenge to connect with.  I competed her in hunter/jumpers, 3 Day eventing, dressage and hack.  

I taught in the Pony Club. I learned to train horses from the ground up.  I craved a better relationship with my horses and I discovered liberty.  Liberty brought joy to my horses and they started leaving their pasture and friends to come into the arena to work and play with me.

I also had a passion for dressage, but wasn't a big fan of the dressage that is in the show scene.  Fast forward thirty years and I'm training Maplestreet's daughter and granddaughter.  I practice the Academic Art of Riding.  I travel to Europe three times a year to study this style of working horses. We approach horse training with the care one might put into building a cathedral.  Liberty is a passion of mine and it fits solidly into the Academic Art because we care about the relationship above all else.




My firey red head. She's full of opinions, but enjoys showing off to me or a crowd. She's my most developed horse in all areas.




My older mare. Sweet and good with beginners.


The Keener.  He wants every class to be his and tries to put his head in every halter that appears, even if it's half on Extra or Whimsy.  Described as "self important" by every visitor to the farm.


I am an artist.  A needle felt artist.  An artist of the horse.

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