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Attract an animal posse like a Disney princess!

Every Disney damsel had a special animal companion. Some even had a fleet of them! Admit it, at some point you wanted to be a Disney princess too. Maybe you weren’t into the poofy sleeves but oh…to have animals surround you whenever you sang! To think they would come running and follow you wherever you went.

You can attract forest animals and horses too! It’s easy. No singing necessary. (When I sing my cat has the exact same expression on her face as she does when I turn on the blender so I don’t sing.)

The trick to befriending animals of all kinds is in the following pictures. Can you spot the secret?

aurora sits Pocahontas sits snow white sits

These fine ladies are all sitting down in nature with their animals. That’s it. Do it. It works. If you say you don’t have time, just remember Cinderella. She had a full time job and she still had animals falling all over themselves to help her out.

Attract animals Like a Disney Princess

Even if you sit with your horses for 15 minute intervals regularly you will notice your horses level of interest in you increasing, but hour time blocks work a lot better. Write in a journal or read a book. If you must, take your laptop or your homework out and catch up on some emails or studying. You will be rewarded with animals choosing your company.

You might think I’m being ridiculous given these ladies are cartoon characters. Check out my video. I’ve got forest animals, birds and horses around me and I’m not singing or wearing a dress. If I can do it, you can too!

Comment below and let me know how it goes for you.



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