IMAGINE:  If you and your horse understood each other and had a deep connection so you could both relax, trust each other and feel safe.

You’ve seen the videos all over the web of people dancing with their horses. They have a bond so strong they seem connected by an invisible thread. These horses and their partners are relaxed and confident. Some of these horses are among crowds, some are among other horses and distractions, but no matter where they are, it’s as if they only see their human partner.

You want IN. You are feeling the beat and you are tapping your toe ready to bust a move, but…

  • You don’t know where to start
  • You aren’t even sure that you and your horse are on the same page or hearing the same tune
  • Sometimes you feel like you just don’t GET each other
  • You aren’t sure what your horse is going to do next (that next thing could HURT because your dance partner is 1000 lbs of muscle     with hooves attached).
  • You would LOVE to have the confidence and the skill to communicate with your horse physically and intuitively
  • You want to feel relaxed and safe on your journey together at home and in new environments (You want to hit the trail or that show or  that overnight camp-out, but right now it might not be safe to leave the yard)
  • You feel like you need 100 more hours in the week to train your horse to reach your goal (And you have so much on the go NOW as it is)

two camps4

Either way you are dancing alone.

You have everything inside of you to get you to that next level.

All you need now is a bit of knowledge.  That’s where I can help.

my story8

Since that day I’ve been on a completely different path to connecting with horses.  I’ve learned new techniques that at times enhance my old methods and at other times blow them right out of the water.  I want to share these new methods with you.  I also want to let you in on the special message my horse told me.

I want to teach you the #1 key to send you on a path to connection and understanding with your horse.


  • having that beautiful heart string flow between you and your horse
  • communicating with your horse with your body, your intuition, your breath, and your energy so it feels like you and your horse are like one being
  • Understanding what your horse is feeling and doing and what might happen next
  • feeling relaxed and clear about your interactions with your horse on the ground and in the saddle
  • Using your intuition to actually speak with your horse (just like Doctor Doolittle)
  • Achieving peace and better interactions with just small investments of time (10 minutes to an hour depending on the day)



Liberty Training-2

For horse lovers who are looking for the connection that comes from the heart and spirit and leaves the rope in the barn (for important things like holding that fence rail up because you didn’t have a hammer and you wanted to ride that day, not fix fences).

Liberty Training and Beyond: is a home study program to take you step by step through the liberty training process. It will help you open the doors for communication on the physical as well as the spiritual level.

Did you know that you are intuitive? You have been communicating with your horse all along, but now it’s time to open up and find out what you’ve been saying to each other. It’s time to start listening with your heart instead of your ears.

heather crouchI’m Heather Nelson and I’m a professional horse trainer and riding instructor.  I’m an animal communicator too. I’ve spent many hours in the saddle, riding hunter/jumper, dressage, and on the trails in the BC Interior. I started horses in the round pen and on the lunge for several years. I have the conventional background, but my heart only sings when I train and ride with energy and intuition.

That’s when the horse’s heart starts to sing too.

Liberty training allows me to set the lines aside and build my partnerships with each and every horse and person that I help. I still use lines at times to train but now I put them on AFTER I have the horse’s heart and mind in cooperation with me in a large area.

Because the only way to have your horse’s whole heart is to give her the choice to pick you.

And she WILL PICK YOU once I’ve shown you the KEYS to bringing your best self forward to the relationship. A preview of what you will learn in the course:

MINDSET (Learn to think from your horse’s point of view and LET GO).

We will cover how you can ease up on your controlling tendencies. I’m not calling you a control freak… but humans are naturally born with an urge to grab and hold the things around them. (Just watch a toddler with a kitten for five minutes). We will go over very different ways of thinking about training and influencing horses. (You didn’t learn this stuff in riding school.)


What are you really saying with your body and what is your horse saying back? Learn to read the signs and signals because your horse is an expert NOW and you need to even up the playing field to have the most fun.

ENERGY (The universe is made of energy so let’s harness that bad boy!)

Your single greatest influence with your horse is your energy. Your horse is hyper sensitive to the energy in the universe and your body. It’s time to gain awareness of your energy and your impact for communication. If you aren’t aware then you are sending mixed signals and your horse is likely leading the energetic dance in your relationship while you are thinking about technique and missing most of the conversation.

WORK WITH FOOD AND OTHER RESOURCES (Learn to manage your horse safely around food)

Most horses are motivated by food. So lets learn how to use it to your advantage. There is no reason for your horse to beg or nudge or snuffle you or be rude just because you are using food to train. I can leave a bucket of treats in my ring (You can see it in the video above) and my horse still stays with ME…most of the time. 😉


Teach your horse to come when called, leave when asked, walk next to you without a lead and curve around you. Recognize that every horse is different so you may have your horse connecting and completing exercises quickly, but you may also have to learn the skills and then just keep practicing beyond the month to achieve this.

INTUITION (Let’s talk in pictures shall we?)

You are INTUITIVE. It’s time to tap into your higher self and communicate without words or movement with your horse (and the other animals around you). They aren’t weirded out by telepathy so you needn’t be either. Practice intuitive opening exercises to get in touch. Your horse will raise your vibration and enhance your own intuitive ability.

What do you get when you sign up for LIBERTY TRAINING & BEYOND?

One month of awesome horse guru guidance sent right to your computer!

  • A weekly audio to help you make the shift to understanding your horse and develop a new approach to communicate
  • Daily guidance mailed right to your inbox to give you exercises and keep you on the path to bliss
  •  Weekly videos demonstrating how to perform training exercises. (These videos are not on my Youtube Channel)
  • Unlimited email access during the month to ask questions and get help specifically for your questions
  • You can submit videos (I will explain how to upload them to a private youtube listing) and I will coach you on your body language and help you translate what is happening with the horse you are working with

By the end of the course you will have the tools to connect, to motivate, to inspire and to understand your horse.

What others are saying about learning with me:

Heather is extremely acute in terms of seeing what is going on. That helps me increase my focus because I’m a natural mimic. Heather teaches through demonstration and she is very articulate in she sees and translates that between human and horse. Heather doesn’t miss a thing. Barbara



THANK YOU!  It´s the first time I’ve gotten a clear answer. I love the ease of your response. You have described a clear direction to work with my horse and I will do it. You have opened my eyes into what wasn’t working and how to fix it.  I think your horses take direction as easily as I have taken it from you.  I was very stuck on this issue and now I´m ready to go and try because I know how to do it.  Maria.



If you want a safe, gentle method of training with quick results, I recommend liberty. And if you want a coach who can get you there, I recommend Heather. Tate and I have never gotten along so well as when Heather introduced us to liberty.  Diane