Free Liberty Workshop for the Back Country Horseman of BC Dec 6!

I’m very honoured that the The Back Country Horseman of BC have requested I whip up a workshop just for them this season! If you want to come, just join the club! (There are details below.) If you’ve been wondering how to start liberty this is going to be the event that gives you a peak into the mindset, the exercises and the method to get you started on the path to liberty.

You can relax and leave your horse at home. I’m going to stuff my furry pony in the trailer, and haul her down to the indoor ring at Westpark Arabians in Duncan so we can show you our moves in person.

I’m also going to play with some of the Arabs that are resident at the barn. I’ve never worked with any of the horses at the farm so it will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how to begin from scratch. As far as I know the crew is primarily trained for dressage and they are easy going. I asked for horses that wouldn’t make attempts on my life. (That kind of entertainment would go above and beyond the budget of the BCHBC. LOL)

I’ll be explaining everything I’m doing as I go along. I want you to ask your burning questions at the workshop so we can all learn from each other and the experience. You can ask as many questions as you like.

We are going to kick off the event with a yummy potluck lunch at noon. That way we can all get to know each other a little better before the learning begins. The whole thing will be wrapped up by 4pm so you can go home and feed your critters. Dress warmly! We will be in an open sided indoor ring, so we will be safe from the rain. There is a bathroom, running water and electricity.

It’s only $45 to join the Back Country Horseman of BC (free if you are 17 years and younger). Not only will you get a free invite to my workshop, but now you’re in the BCHBC with all the benefits they have to offer (like discount tack store extravaganzas..oh yah) and they will accept post dated checks for Jan 2015 so you’re all good for next year. Register by contacting Ybo Plante at or call 250-361-6290

You do need to sign up in advance with the club so that we know how many people are coming. I hope to see you there! If you can’t make it…don’t despair, I plan to put on workshops next year.

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Thanks, Heather

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      Hi Corinne,

      I’ve changed the method to sign up for the club and the workshop. You need to Register by contacting Ybo Plante at or call 250-361-6290 directly. I can’t wait to see you there though!!! Heather

  1. Will not be able to make it that weekend. Please send info on next workshop, also a form to join Back Country.

    Thanks, Sandy

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      Hi Sandy,
      Sorry you can’t make it. If you are subscribed to my blog then you will get the invites to any workshops that I put on. To join the Back Country club contact Ybo Plante at or call 250-361-6290.

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