Hands on approach for 2015. What’s next in 2016?

I took a very hands on approach to 2015 and am very grateful that I was able to meet so many horse lovers and also spend so much time working with my own horses (There are pics of my girls working at the end of this blog).  I may not have written a lot of blogs or made quirky videos, but it was a riot to be out in the field, making friends and learning.

I put on sixteen workshops in a year where I started out thinking maybe I would do 2 or 3. People came from all walks of life and disciplines.  Some of the participants didn’t even have horses in their lives, but they all had one thing in common and that was a passion for improving connection with horses!

2016 is already starting off with a bang since Trish and I teamed up to bring both our styles together to offer diverse clinic days over the winter.  Our clinics in December flew by.

Trish and I have spots available in our winter series so feel free to check out our clinic poster to the right and head over to http://www.equitivities.com to get registered.

Working with Trish has inspired me to think about how I might offer some learning opportunities this summer with a variety of content.

The core will be liberty, but I would like to throw some other “spices” into the mix too to offer different learning experiences.  

Stay tuned to the workshop page because when I figure out what I’m doing…you will be the first to know!

I’ve been very committed to my horses and my development this year too and I’ve been working with my horses 3-5 days a week.  In the past I had been so busy concentrating on other horses that my own horses didn’t see a lot of me, except to watch over the fence while I trained others.  Not so in 2015!  I took to the saddle again riding with Amber Wilson in nearly weekly lessons.  I also started taking the online Straightness Training course in July and I buckled down to practice with my girls.  I’m still practicing in the rain and snow this winter.  Check out the pictures of how we are coming along!

The point of the work I’m doing is to get the horses stretching over their backs and bending through their bodies. Extra is learning haunches-in. Whimsy is practicing her stretch on the lunge.

I often practice at liberty and plan to integrate the liberty into the strength training and stretching. First I need to get good at it all though so I understand it well.

I’m loving the affect on my horse’s flexibility and strength.  I’m very excited about combining this work further with my liberty!

My goals in 2016 are to continue to put my horses and my learning first.  When I invest in my horses and myself, then my students directly benefit.  

I will also continue forging ahead into putting together more workshops and I’m booking dates and location for 2016 so make sure you check back often if you are interested.

I’m very proud of how my 2015 came together and that I committed to my horses even when I had a lot of other things pulling at my time.  

What are you proud of this year and what is your plan for 2016?

Happy New Year!

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  1. I made a mistake in assuming that the mare I bid on at the Dawson Creek auction was halter broken. I knew she had a 3 mos old foal in tow, but I was also surprised to find that she is pregnant again! I’m proud of myself for not giving up on the situation, and for seeking out the help I needed with Heather Nelson Liberty Training. It’s been two months and we now have halters on both, and both are beginning to lead. I was absolutely unable to touch either horse when they arrived. It’s been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever encountered, and my plan for 2016 is to continue, with utter amazement, at where our lessons are leading us!

    1. Post

      Thanks for writing in Patti! I have so much fun with you, Dolly and Crumpet. You have been so patient with your girls and so dedicated to working with them in a way that they feel comfortable. It’s a pleasure to know you and I’m looking forward to 2016 together!

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