Horses, Yoga & the Magic of Nature – Interview with Yoga Among The Unicorns Retreat Leader Krystal

It’s time to lighten up and take a load off!  Dive deeper into the magic of horses and truly embrace the depth of the equine heart and intuition.  Discover YOUR intuition.  Let us take you to that peaceful inner knowing and help you find the wisdom within you through play with the horses and yoga for your body and soul.  You don’t need to be Gumby or have the six pack abs of a Cirque de Soleil acrobat to join this party.  Bring your body exactly as it is and get to know yourself and horses in a new way.


Join Krystal Thompson of The Luscious Life and I, Heather Nelson, this July for a unique retreat.  We are combining yoga, horses, nature and spirit to help you reboot and find your joy this summer. 

You know me, the official unicorn wrangler, but it’s time to get to know the lady who can kickstart you into love for the special body the universe blessed you with.  Here is an interview with handstand lover:  Krystal Thompson.

What do women experience in a yoga session with you?

Connection, Freedom, and Relaxation. I want to help women find so much sweetness in their yoga practice that their mouth will water. I want to help women find so much pleasure in their bodies that they can’t help but shake their booty. I want women to love their lives more than they ever dreamed possible.

I want them to experience their very own Luscious Life.

What gift does yoga bring to you and your students?

Alignment and healing. Alignment of body, mind and spirit. Healing of physical pain, healing of mental anguish, and ultimately, healing of the soul.

How has yoga changed your life?

Asana taught me about strength I didn’t know I had. About breathing through challenge. About the incredible ability and power of my body that has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks of my body. This power is my own. I get to define it. Meditation taught me to live in the now. That the power is in the present. Not in some future self I wish to be. It is through my dedication to yoga and to becoming a yoga teacher that I began to love my body and love my life.

You describe yourself as a “yoga therapist”.  What does that term mean for you and your clients?

As a yoga therapist my focus is to use yoga to bring about increased health and healing. I am dedicated to educate, empower and assist you in taking an active role in your healing and wellness. I want to help my clients connect to their bliss by freeing their body, their mind and their spirit.

How did you get into yoga?

In my early twenties I was in need of a grounding and centreing practice. Yoga appealed to me because of my dance background, but it was my first yoga retreat that really changed it all and took my practice to the next level. The retreat made yoga a spiritual practice for me and from then on I practiced every day.

You worked as an environmental scientist and now you are a yoga therapist.  What is the one truth that you have experienced in both

Krystal Thompson


I want to help make the world a better place. I worked as an environmental scientist so that I could help those that didn’t have a voice, like the air, the water and the land. And slowly I realized that human’s are the ones that need the most help so that they can make better life choices for themselves and the environment. So now that is what I do: I help the humans love themselves.

What is your special flavour of yoga?

Just like I am passionate about chocolate ice cream, I am fiercely passionate that yoga can be available to every BODY. It is very important to me to create an accepting and safe space for all people. And then on top of that I add the whipped cream of my enthusiasm and love for the practice of yoga.

 In Yoga Among the Unicorns the yoga will be outdoors if the weather allows.  How will this enrich the yoga experience compared to the studio?

In the studio we are trying to control the environment. No wind. No bugs. Flat ground. But also, no fresh air. No beauty of the horses in the field. No hummingbirds and butterflies visiting you while you are in tree pose. This is real life. It’s unpredictably beautiful.

 What is your vision for the women who come to Yoga Among the Unicorns this July?

I see the women at this retreat connecting with themselves and nature while having playful adventures and ultimately finding healing.

 Why are you willing to come all the way from Yellowknife to bring Yoga Among the Unicorns to Vancouver Island?

First of all I love Vancouver Island and all of it’s beauty! And I saw this as an excellent opportunity to bring two loves together; I love horses and I love yoga!

How can yoga help a woman in her life?

The answer is FREEDOM! Freedom from self-hatred and body-hatred. Freedom from pain in her body. Freedom to live her life fully. Freedom to feel graceful, gorgeous, even glowing.

What would you say to a woman who is on the fence about coming to the workshop?

My very first weekend yoga retreat, long before I became a teacher, completely transformed not just my yoga practice, but also my life PATH!!! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to find yourself and live your dreams!

Why unicorns?  Why have yoga with horses?

Well… I did believe I was a unicorn most of my childhood (*whispers* maybe I still do) and I passionately believe in and have experienced firsthand the wonderful healing power of our connection with animals.

Do you consider yoga a spiritual or a physical practice?

For me it is a body, mind and spirit practice. Asana (the postures) were developed to help us be able to sit in meditation for longer periods of time and more comfortably. And meditation is like daily hygiene for my mind that connects me to my truth. 😉

Does it matter if someone has no experience with yoga or if they don’t see themselves as athletic in any way?

You definitely don’t have to be athletic to practice yoga. I wouldn’t exactly describe myself as athletic. My focus in a yoga practice is to provide all the benefits while minimizing any risk to injury. One of my favourite quotes that I always encourage my students to abide is to “Adapt the pose for your needs, rather than adapting your body to the pose.” In my mind, this is why we practice yoga, FOR THE MANY BENEFITS.

 If you could be an animal, what animal would you be?

I wish I could say a unicorn, but truly, I am probably a bear. I feel the strength of the bear. I love being in the woods and I want to help and protect like a mama bear.

 What is your favourite yoga pose and why?

Half moon. It feels so GOOOOOOD in my hips.

 If people want to try yoga, but they think it sounds super scary, where should they start?

That depends. If people are afraid of the poses, I recommend a restorative practice to get you comfortable with gently taking your body into the poses in a supported manner. However, most people are afraid of slowing their mind and quietly being with themselves. This can be really scary. For those people I recommend trying a bit of yoga asana to tire the body followed by a short relaxation.

Thanks to Krystal for taking the time to answer my questions.  We hope to see you at the retreat!  For more information on Yoga Among The Unicorns go to

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interview with Krystal, as well as, Krystal’s interview with you. They will leave people with a good idea of what effect the weekend retreat is meant to have and encourage them to sign up….

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