Melvin’s Lady Friend

Melvin has company!  Welcome the gorgeous black Cochin, Eleanoire.  Eleanoire looks like a debutant in her feathered bustle.  Nicole found Eleanoire for me in Black Creek and also named her.  When she arrived I placed her in the little coop so that she could adjust to the farm without having to adjust to Melvin.

My little rooster was so excited when Eleanoire arrived that he was craning his head to get a look over the wall. Eventually all the excitement tuckered him right out and he collapsed in a feathered heap next to the chicken tractor.  He was afraid he would miss out.

When I opened the door to the coop Melvin and Eleanoire greeted each other.  Eleanoire pecked Melvin in the head and showed him who was going to wear the fluffy pants in the relationship. From then on they were inseparable.

Oddly my barn cat, Mia, also decided to join the flock. Wherever Mia was, the chickens were and vice versa. They were a most unlikely trio.

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My favourite things about Eleanoire, besides the fluffy leggings are:

  • She has more of a hop, dash, wobble than a run because of her short legs
  • She dashes, jumps and hovers 2′ above the ground with lots of wing flapping, covering a distance of 10′ in her pursuit of flying insects. (I have not seen evidence that this method works, but I can only assume that with her stealthy, eagle like approach, the flying bugs are falling helpless to her hunting and I just can’t tell because it’s happening lightening fast.)
  • She has a taste for carpenter ants and likes to keep them in check near my foundation walls.
  • She likes to lie down by my feet while I’m journaling.
  • Her eggs are tiny and perfect for smaller recipes.

Melvin is quite a gentleman and from the very beginning he was very intent on saving the juiciest morcels of food for Eleanoire’s consumption.  He has a high pitched cluck to announce that he has found food and Eleanoire comes hopping and flapping from any location to experience fine dining.  The hard part is giving Melvin a treat.  He always gives them away.  As my brother says though, “Nice guys finish last.”  All Melvin’s courting with gifts landed him firmly in the friend zone.  Perhaps he needs  a tattoo or motor bike?

While I was journaling one day Melvin jumped up on the arm of my lawn chair to get a closer look.  He awkwardly flapped back down and not two seconds later Eleanoire jumped up on the arm of the chair.  Anything Melvin does, is also worthy of her attention.

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One day I saw Melvin walking with great purpose down the driveway.  Whenever he is heading somewhere with a strong intent he puts his wings back, pushes his neck out and strides lower to the ground.  “Just where do you think you are going?”  I called after his retreating feather duster tail.  I was not pleased that he looked like he planned to cross the busy road.

He did cross the road with me hot on his trail.  I discovered that he was quite busily attempting to rescue, AKA steal, one of my neighbor’s hens since she was on the wrong side of the fence.  I caught her and tossed her back over the fence and then made a grab for Melvin.  He kicked and squawked as if I was planning  murder.  The forty or so hens across the street watched his carrying on with great interest.

I haven’t noticed him attempting any more neighborhood hen rescues.

I did however, find him another lady companion.  The arrival of the new girl ruffled more than a few feathers. Sign up for the blog and stay tuned to read the story of Party!

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  1. These stores are ridiculous and sound made up lol. “Fluffy pants” and “feather duster tail” , ” nice guys finish last” – I’m a little worried about my grandchildren’s self-esteem, but amused by their antics and the way you write about them. Maybe I’ll get Melvin a unicycle for his birthday – Eleanoir is bound to admire that and maybe give it a go – they’d be so cute together.

  2. I really liked reading the stories you wrote they are very funny.I can’t wait to meet Party.

    Saskia jh Kelly

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