Writing to Become Present and Share Companionship With Your Horse

Nicole of Nicole Jory Natural Hoof Care has asked, “What do you write about when you are out journaling with the horses?”

Firstly I need to explain why I sit outside and journal.

Horses spend most of their day just hanging out together grazing and dozing.  I like to spend time with the horses doing activities that they enjoy.  However, I’m not interested in grazing. (I am in the process of converting to vegetarianism, but that’s another story.  And even if I do succeed at giving up BBQ pulled pork sandwiches you’re not going to see me out nibbling the front lawn.)

Writing is a chance for me to spend time with the horses as a companion.  I’m not focusing on the horses or asking anything of them, but I am spending dedicated time with them.

I write to rebalance and recharge myself.  It’s an opportunity for me to get grounded and stop the endless thought stream in my brain.  I write to bring myself into the present and to calm myself down.  I find this is even more effective when I’m sitting in nature.

I write about the sounds that I can hear and the sensations I feel.  I might write that I heard an eagle whistling or the leaves rustling in the breeze.  I write about the weather and the wildlife around me.  The more I write about these mundane things, the more I can appreciate them as the miracles that they are.  Then I feel peaceful and serene.

I search my life for the things that I’m grateful for and I write those things down too.

I also write about the emotions I’m experiencing.  I might come out to the pasture feeling irritated or overwhelmed and I write about those feelings until I can find the root cause.  The cause is rarely what I think at first. The more I write, the deeper I can go into what is truly going on.

I can often shift from a place of irritation or sadness to a much happier state of being.  Sometimes I’ve even made the shift from very sad to euphoric.  Writing becomes a meditative practice.

Through this writing mediation I’ve even been fortunate enough to receive messages from my guides.  I will often know the next step I should take in my life or be reminded of something important that I need to do.

I can tell the horses appreciate the time that I spend writing with them because they often come greet me or will stand next to my chair or lie down nearby.  My mare, Extra, often comes and stands with her head over mine and falls asleep.

I notice that my horses prefer to spend time near me once I’ve transitioned to a peaceful present being.  They like the grounded me best.

My neighbours likely think I’m crazy.  I can be seen from the road sitting in my chair writing in the pasture in the middle of the winter, bundled up in blankets with a hat and fingerless gloves.

I try to find time to journal every day.

What do you do to rebalance and find peace in your life?



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