Position Available

Job Summary

A contract position as a licensed Bent Branderup® Trainer to teach and facilitate equine seminars and clinics in the Academic Art of Riding three times a year for 6-8 days duration each time in Duncan, B.C. The instructor who fills this position will be responsible for educating Heather Nelson and her students to assist them in the pursuit of their development and examinations in the Academic art of Riding.

Required Skills, Education and Qualifications

You will have studied the Academic Art of Riding for a minimum of 5 years and hold a valid and current Bent Branderup® trainer’s license.

You have passed your Groundwork and Lunge test.

You have passed your Squire test on the seat.

You have trained with Bent Branderup in person and are committed to having your work checked personally by Bent Branderup at least twice a year.

You continue your education with Bent by attending his school in Lindegaard in Denmark or one of his clinics in Europe at least once a year.

You have a minimum of 5 years training horses and teaching students to also train horses.

You are experienced in educating horses transitions, travers, shoulder-in, collection in the groundwork, lunging, long reining as well as under saddle.

You are also experienced in educating people to train horses transitions, travers, shoulder-in, collection in the groundwork, lunging, long reining as well as under saddle.

You are familiar with teaching theory classes in equine biomechanics, equine psychology, as well as training technique and the management of tools.

Your training philosophy is that the relationship with the horse comes first and during riding you give aids primarily from the seat.

You place no value on competition and are committed to the methods of the masters.

You are interested in the pursuit of the academic study of horses, the art of harmony between horse and rider and know how to educate safe riding horses which one can enjoy out in the forest or schooling piaffe in the arena.

You give at least one demonstration annually at equine expos or fairs and are comfortable speaking to large audiences.

Company Profile

Mystic Maples Equine Services is the legal business name for Heather Nelson Liberty Training.  The business is run by Heather in the Cowichan Valley on 5 acres. Heather primarily teaches liberty work as well as the Academic Art of Riding. She is committed to the wellbeing of horses and values the relationship between horse and human. Her clients are primarily recreational and non-competitive dressage riders who are pursuing better balance and movement in their horses.  Heather travels to Europe three times a year to train in the Academic Art of Riding and believes in continuing her education to better support her students at home in Canada.