Heather moved into the neighbourhood about 5 years ago. Lacey my lovely Arabian mare had recently come into my life. I’ve never had a horse before or had very much experience with horses.  I would saddle Lacey up and go for a ride but did not know what the heck I was doing. Lacey was used to being a very independent mare without much care or attention for quite a long period of time. We needed help! I called Heather and asked if she would teach us. We have been going to Heather’s for ‘training’ ever since. Lacey and I love Liberty training. When Heather started us with that our relationship blossomed. Lacey is so happy doing that kind of training, she seems to even be laughing at my antics. She loves to use her brain and figure out what I’m asking her to do. I have learned how to communicate with her and other critters in my life. I think Lacey would walk through just about anything with me if I asked her now. Lacey is getting on in years but still a very forward moving horse and she still makes her opinion known while I’m on her back but I’ve learned to be the ‘leader’ and at least give the impression that I am calm cool collected and in charge and communicate that to Lacey. We look forward to continuing our lessons including Liberty training for a long time yet. Thanks Heather! Danna & Lacey


carlacarmellaI met Heather about 4 years ago when I was having problems with my Andalusian/Arab mare.  At that time she was bucking and was basically unsafe to ride.  I was starting to dread riding her.  Heather has always shown an amazing sensitivity to the needs of both horse and rider.  With Heather’s coaching Carmela and I have formed a great partnership.  I feel safe and confident on her when we trail ride on our own and our dressage work is progressing nicely.  I cannot thank Heather enough for working with me and my horse and helping us develop the partnership we now have.  Carla & Carmela



dianekisstateIf you want a safe, gentle method of training with quick results, I recommend liberty. And if you want a coach who can get you there, I recommend Heather. Tate and I have never gotten along so well as when Heather introduced us to liberty. Your horse becomes a willing participant, because you ASK them to be, it’s never forced. It’s always up to them. And I have found when you simply make a request, the horse is more than willing to accommodate. Liberty is definitely the foundation for an amazing relationship. I’ve never been more proud of my horse, or myself! And with Heather’s guidance, there’s nothing we can’t do!  Diane & Tate



indysizedI have had the pleasure of watching Heather work with many horses, and what I love the most and why I also choose to have Heather work with me and my own horses, is her empathy for them. She works in ways that focuses on happy, relaxed horses and that makes it easy for them to learn. She is able to easily communicate with both horse and rider and always has a calm, friendly approach. I never hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone looking to build a strong relationship with their horse based on communication and mutual respect.  Nicole




indysizedI met Heather about a year ago. She introduced me to Liberty work. I was lucky enough to have Heather as my trainer when I did a free lease an a horse. He turned out to be very aggressive. With Heathers help she taught Major(the horse) and I Liberty work. The difference in this horse after a few months of training was amazing! Heather is amazing! When I had major arrive, I went to halter him and he turned his rear to me and kicked. I was shocked! He was left in a field for 7 yrs then trained by the girl I free leased him from but she did no ground work. He had tons of issues. Thank goodness for Heather. It did not take long to form a bond with him and get rid of the aggressive nature he had through liberty. It was an amazing experience! I don’t have him anymore but I like to think I helped him to have a better life. The next home he went to said he was awesome, no problems.



barbara and ellaHeather offers a very good balance in the classes. She is extremely acute in terms of seeing what is going on. That helps me increase my focus because I’m a natural mimic.  Heather teaches through demonstration and she is very articulate in she sees and translates that between human and horse. Heather doesn’t miss a thing. We’ve created a very good program a good balance between on the ground work with my horse, Ella, and with riding. I always notice the results have Ella completely engaged. She wants this as much as I do. For me that indicates that she is being challenged as well as myself and she’s being stimulated and it’s fun for her.  I am happy to have found Heather. It was at the right time.