I can help you with every step during the training of your horse.  Whether you just need to put some finesse into your work or start your horse under saddle, I will provide you with individualized coaching that suits you and your horse’s experience level.

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Case Study:  Diane Starts Tate Under Saddle

Diane is an enthusiastic woman with a passion for her gelding, Tate.  Tate either fully commits to an exercise or disengages completely.  Diane has a shoulder injury and in the past Tate expressed his displeasure with exercises by bolting and pulling on the line.  It was impossible for Diane to hold him due to her shoulder, but she wanted a safe companion.

We started Tate’s training by building a strong bond while he was completely free to choose his involvement.  We established leadership by teaching him that we controlled his food and could also move his feet.

We taught Tate to free lunge in a circle around us and then progressed to working on the line again.  Tate gradually transitioned from lunging without tack, to lunging with a saddle and bridle.

We also taught Tate to single line and double line drive from the ground so he would understand rein cues before we were in the saddle.  We were only interested in riding Tate if he was bonded to us and was choosing to cooperate and respond to all of our signals.

Liberty training helped earn Tate’s cooperation and give Diane the confidence to start riding her gelding.

Typical Training

We start off with a foundation of liberty training on the ground and then we progress to work on the line when the bond is in place.  Once your horse has the basics in place we progress to riding.

My intention when working with a horse is to:

  • Listen to the horse
  • Instill confidence
  • Promote relaxation and a feeling of safety
  • Increase responsiveness to the lightest request
  • Build trust
  • Set clear guidelines for behavior
  • Earn respect

I take horses in for training at my farm, Mystic Maples, in Duncan or will travel to your farm within the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island.  Please email to book sessions or check for availability.