Training with Energy


Horses are very sensitive beings. You can shift your experience with your horse by tapping into your energy as well as theirs.

FotoFlexer_PhotoYour horse is very aware of how you are feeling.  Horses have evolved to feel the energy around them as a means of protecting themselves.

They know when the lions are hungry and when the lions are just sleepy.You can bring this awareness of energy into the relationship as a method of communication.

 What happens to our energy when we interact with horses?

You and your horse are in relationship. When your horse has an energy shift, you will start to shift too.  This means if your horse starts freaking out, you will typically start freaking out as well on some level.  Your horse’s calm state could also bring you into a more relaxed frame of mind.  This is likely one of the big reasons why you feel so at peace when you are in your horse’s presence when the two of you are spending down time together at the barn.

The wonderful thing about energy is that it goes both ways.  Your energy can shift your horse!

If you are aware of yourself and your horse then you can be the energetic leader in the relationship.  You can note your horse’s state and then control your own, and even influence your horse.  You will both take turns influencing each other with your energy, whether you are aware of it or not.

How do you get this energy awareness?

Practice, practice, practice.

Spend time quietly assessing your own body while you are at rest.  How do you feel?  What are your muscles doing?  Are there any parts of your body that are tight or in pain?  Which parts are relaxed?  What parts of your body are warm or cool?  How are you feeling emotionally.  If you could put an image to it, what would it be?  As in, do you feel like you are on a cloud.  Are you smiling softly?

Pick a time when you are stressed or irritated or scared or delighted or excited and do the same self inventory.  Something will feel different. Some part of you might be tingling or tight or experiencing pain or heat or cold.  Do this often and you’ll notice patterns.

Once you notice the patterns you can start to shift them just by bringing your awareness to it.  You might have to do something more extreme like get up from your desk for awhile or do some yoga or even jump up and down to notice a change.

You can get good at shifting your own energy in different circumstances and then start practicing with your horse.

Practical applications of using energy during a training session:

If you want your horse to stop at a distance from you on the ground you can combine body language and energy to send a clear “STOP” signal to your horse.  By standing up tall, facing your horse and visualizing an imaginary wall, (invisible forcefield) projected at your horse, you can give your horse a clear message that you want them to stop a certain distance away.

If your horse is circling you in a lunging situation you can imagine that you are wearing an energetic ring around your waistline.  You can push this ring out to the size you want your horse to stay away from you.  This ring will tell your horse, “No trespassing in my body bubble.”

Your horse may choose to trespass even once you’ve put the energy out there, but you will know you have been clear and now have to ramp up the physical cues to move your horse away.

If your horse is moving too quickly you can breath slowly and visualize a slow, oozing energy travelling through both you and your horse.  You might be surprised how quickly your horse feels this and slows down.

If you want your horse to speed up, you first ramp the energy up in your own body.  Feel yourself get that buzz and your horse will pick it up too.

On a day when your horse is afraid of a new situation or object you can take deep breaths and visualize a calm energy moving through you and your horse.  Wait and move this energy through and between you until your horse starts to settle.