Go beyond the circle in lunging to help educate your horse without the side reins or tie downs in this six week online course. Find suppleness, shape and balance on the line and off. I include schoolings from my horses, as well as some of my liberty schooling and work in Europe.

You can upload videos of a maximum of three minutes long to receive  feedback.

Extended. You can still join! Online Course: Beyond Circles

Feb 24, 2020 (Extended through spring)

Join the private Facebook group and each week you will receive a password to that week's videos.  The videos will be available for a minimum of a year after the course start date. (Not on Facebook? Set up a temporary account for the course to join the group or message me for the password.)

During this six week online training you will learn;


Module 1

 Getting started with topics such as the relationship, tack and basic theory.


Module 2

We begin with some of the most basic and essential components of speed control, developing the all important stop and go.

Module 3

We dive into the importance of shoulder balance and the rein aids that you will need.  Rein aids on the lunge when we only have one line??  Yep!


Module 4

We move into exercises such as corners and squares in the lunging position.


Module 5

We move onto the circle and explore the beginning of creating some bend.


Module 6

Time to play with some exercises that will help your horse's balance and mobility.

What are people saying about the course?

I think the best result so far is that Mercedes and I are finally connected 😍😊. She looks forward to our sessions and has become a more affectionate mare. Barn staff have noticed this too!
Great perk with this type of study is that you can be tacked up in minutes and even super short sessions are helpful.

Karen Punnett

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the “Beyond Circles” group!
It was no coincidence that it was the right moment to find out what was beyond...Esteban and I were ready to take a new path; a circle would never be the same.
The people who joined the group – whatever the level- learned to watch in stead of seeing. We were all spectators of the training moments (well explained! And often with a touch of humor) at your paddock.
Starring Sailor... and the herd
Thanks for sharing this with us!

Annemie Gijselinck

So very much have enjoyed this course. The videos were informative and interesting. Kept me engaged. Can't wait to start up again once the snow is gone! I'm still getting so much out of the course from all of the notes that I took.  Would definitely do another online course with Heather.

Chris Morgan

I took Heather's online lunging course and would 100% recommend it. It was so nice to have some winter activities and goals to work towards with a group. It also held us accountable as there was a group page and conversations about what we learned each week. Many folks get caught up on the word "lunging" because they think fast, small, circles", but this course is not that! You and your horse will learn all about communication, balance and proper form."

Katey Campbell

Heather's videos are very informative and detailed. I joined her online program last year and I am thankful to be able to refer back to them when I need a refresher or if I didn't use a process from a video the first time around. That's the beauty of it, you have access for a long time. Most of us can't learn everything in the first go around. It's great to able to refer back to something, practice it and then move on. Same goes for our horses. I am learning an entirely different way to communicate with my mare as we often fought each other in the saddle.

Heather Allan

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Come together with a maximum of eight participants for two days of learning.  Workshops can be specific to liberty, groundwork, lunging, riding or a mixture of topics.

  • Theory classes
  • One to two lessons per day
  • Experiential group exercises

Workshops are available at my farm as well as other locations.  I travel worldwide. Contact me if you would like to host a workshop. Prices vary.


Come as a week or weekend student

  • Maximum four participants
  • Take two lessons per day
  • Observe the lessons of your peers
  • Watch as I school my horses and/or horses in training

Accommodations are available for your horse(s) and possibly for yourself. Choose from available dates or request dates that work for you.
$125 Canadian/day + accommodation for you and your horse.




Commit to yourself.  Consider a learning holiday.  Immerse yourself in your studies and then practice at home between visits.  Borrow a school horse if you are unable to bring your own.  Airport pickup available in Nanaimo.  On site Airbnb rooms $50/night. Free camping.

If you are local consider intensives as an alternative to weekly lessons.  You still have the same number of lessons per month if you come for two days but you live and breathe the topics for that time.  Practice in-between and observe the difference in your understanding.

Liberty  Workshops

Liberty is all about letting go. Letting go of control, of the lines and allowing your horse to choose to spend time with you.

It's about communication and stepping out of the usual horse/human dynamic to relate one on one. All levels are welcome. We start where you are. Your horse can even be unfit and furry!



A long term study is when you come board your horse for a set time and either pay for lessons/horse training or operate as a working student in an internship.  This is a way to integrate yourself into the farm and the training.  You take multiple lessons and have access to horse training sessions (if you wish) over weeks or months.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to withdraw from this event, you must inform us no later than 10 business days prior to the event. Refunds will not be paid for withdrawals made within 10 business days prior to the scheduled event. Refunds will not be paid for participant no shows.

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